The Olivet Assembly Asia Pacific is comprised of a diverse range of countries, cultures and races. The network of such diverse bodies of churches allows OAAP to be a mission agency that can train and dispatch missionaries all over the world.

East Asia

Represented Countries: Korea – Subregional Office : Japan / Mongolia

The subregional office of East Asia is based in Korea, one of the most mature mission fields in the OAAP network. The Korean churches go forth with a vision, seeing itself as the gospel seedbed of Asia and the world, as it continues to raise up new leaders who are dispatched as missionaries.

The mission in Japan and Mongolia are both indigenous mission movements that continue to thrive. Though often known as the ‘missionary’s graveyard’, the OAAP Japanese church network has growth against that reputation by giving birth to new missionaries that have been dispatched to South East Asia and Americas.

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HMT Region

Represented Countries: Hong Kong – Subregional Office : Macau / Taiwan

This network of three countries form an unique web of mission that shares many similarities in culture and value, which has proven to be advantageous over the years for many partnerships between the churches in the region. The HMT region has a strong strategic advantage of being in close proximity with China, yet with greater degrees of freedom in the establishment of churches and the spreading of the gospel.

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Represented Countries: Australia – Subregional Office : New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are two countries in Asia Pacific with a strong Christian heritage, reserved by God as mission sending countries that stand in the backdoor of Asia. The OAAP churches in Australia and New Zealand continue to be driven with that historical identity, as well as being an ever evolving mission that communicates the gospel effectively to its post-Christian population.

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