Asia Pacific Region had Successful Pentecost Gatherings
6.07 2018 | Congregation

Countries in Asia Pacific region had successful Pentecost gatherings and retreats where abundant grace of the Holy Spirit overflowed.

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Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter around the Globe
4.03 2018 | Congregation

As each country greets the glorious morning of Easter to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, all the members around the globe rejoiced in the victory of our Lord who conquered death

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Mission Fields Preparing for Summer Retreat
7.24 2018 | OA

Each mission field in Asia Pacific region is planning for summer retreat as they preach the gospel everyday to bring the lost

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Christmas Retreat & OLI
2.06 2018 | Event
AP Leadership Conference
2.06 2018 | Event
26th World General Assembly
2.06 2018 | Event
Follow to Know

Not all at once, but by degrees shall we attain to holy knowledge, and our business is to persevere and learn by little and little. We need not despair, though our progress may be slow, for we shall

Power to Raise

Am I bowed down? Then let me urge this word of grace before the LORD. It is His way, His custom, His promise, His delight, to raise up them that are bowed down. Is it a sense of sin and a consequent

Becoming Fit for Glory

Grace is what we need just now, and it is to be had freely. What can be freer than a gift? Today we shall receive sustaining, strengthening, sanctifying, satisfying grace. He has given daily grace

Ministry Focus
AM Asia Youth Conference Concludes With Commitment to Conquer the World with the Gospel
2.06 2018 | Ministry

Christian theology teaches the doctrine of prevenient grace, which briefly stated means this, that before a man can seek God, God must first have sought the man.