17th Anniversary Service of Faith & Family Foundation "Family that Builds God's Kingdom"

Faith & Family 17th Anniversary

On the 27th, the 17th anniversary service of the Faith & Family Foundation, which inaugurated with the precious will from God for the community, was dedicated unto God at Sean Church.

The service was conducted with the participation of all the members and second generations who knew the meaning of 'faith and family' in accordance with the guideline of Faith & Family International. Through worship, members meditated on the meaning and the place of our family, meditating on the mission of the Lord, and meditating on the meaning of family as the basic foundation of heaven.

During choral devotion, Jubilee and the 2nd generations sang together a special song "In His Kingdom He reigns", singing the hope of the kingdom of God to be done in this land, and to pass on a beautiful world for future generations.

Reverend Simon Jang, the representative of Korea, preached the sermon with the text taken from Psalm 127. He preached the deep meaning of Faith and Family through the sermon.

First, we talked about our family as "co-workers for the kingdom of God." He said, "We are a family of faith. It must be a family that relies on God, lives according to the will of God, and works for the kingdom of God, that is a 'family that does mission.'"

He also introduced the lessons of the Hebrew midwives from Exodus 1, lessons from Ephesians 5 & 6, lessons from 1Corinthians 7 and Galatians 6. Rev. Jang delivered the meaning of mission of family and the meaning of childbirth quoting from 'the clash of civilization.'

In particular, he said, "Our family is in a position to make all mankind unite in God's love which is greater than the love of the family. Fear God, and let the Word of Christ be a supposed home. God keeps, builds, and blesses such a family. I hope we can meditate on this meaning as we expand the kingdom of God together. "

After the sermon, cake cutting time followed, and the attendants gave thanks to God and dedication to the 17th anniversary service.

Meanwhile, a special lecture time of Rev. Grace Kim, the representative of the FFF Korea, was followed.