Asia Pacific Region had Successful Pentecost Gatherings

Asia Pacific Pentecost

Countries in Asia Pacific region had successful Pentecost gatherings and retreats where abundant grace of the Holy Spirit overflowed. 

In Korea, the Pentecost gatherings were held by presbyteries. The gathering was followed by passionate prayer time led by Jubilee. At OAPC, the residing members had joint Pentecost service with the members in Kang-won province. They had joyful and energetic time during sports competition. 

In Japan, the gatherings were held also regionally, while some members gathered at JPOC. With young leaders and new comers joining the gathering, we can see that the mission is growing more and more in the nation.

In Mongolia, two-day Pentecost retreat was held. It was comprised of opening service, Bible studies, sharing time, fun games, Sunday service, communion, baptism ceremony and closing service. During this time, baptism ceremony was conducted on the day of Pentecost, and all the church members rejoiced with the newly baptized members. The congregation is growing steadily yet firmly.

In Macau, they also had mini retreat for Pentecost, inviting university students to the retreat. They listened to precious message, and had time to pray for each other deeply.

Hong Kong members also gathered on the day of Pentecost, and Pastor Nathan delivered message taken from Acts 2:1-4. They had prayer time to pray for each person's spiritual life, family, and for the revival of the church. Through the prayer, the members experienced strength from God.