Celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter around the Globe


As each country greets the glorious morning of Easter to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, all the members around the globe rejoiced in the victory of our Lord who conquered death and lives forever.

Countries in Asia Pacific region held Easter retreats and gatherings to listen to the precious message on the cross and resurrection, to meet the Lord deeply in their prayer and worship time. Korea held national joint retreat for three days at Olivet Asia Pacific Center with the theme of "I am the resurrection and the life." Hundreds of people gathered to learn about the meaning of the cross and resurrection by studying through John 18 to 20. Many participants experienced abundnat grace from God being poured upon them. 

Japan also had their national joint retreat at the national mission center for three days with the theme "Inscribe the death on the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ." The preachers passionately preached the Word of God, and listeners attentively listened to the message. Some testified that they had life-changing experience throug the retreat.

In Mongolia, many newcomers joined the Easter retreat and one could really see that the pioneering mission field is growing by the work of the Holy Spirit. Each one of the church members has been growing steadily in the Word of God, and they celebrated the power of life of Jesus on Easter Sunday together joyfully.

Australia had a joint gathering at a local church, and they had worship and praise time to exalt the name of our Lord on Easter. Macau, Hong Kong, and New Zealand also had Easter gatherings and all the participants had joy and peace in their hearts as they come before the Lord and share fellowship among them.