Countries in the Region Share Pentecost Goals and Plans


As each country received much grace and power through the Easter retreat, now they are aiming for higher goals till Pentecost, to reveal the great works of the Holy Spirit in their mission fields.

During the regular online meeting of Olivet Assembly of Asia Pacific held in the second week of April, the leaders presented their mission goals and action plans till Pentecost.

Korea presented that they will be focusing on evangelism more fiercely as each presbytery plans to hold mini retreats and Bible seminars. In the meantime, main churches are preparing for pioneering more churches and the national mission headquarter will be supporting them.

Mongolia shared that they plan to hold Pentecost retreat for two days with many more newcomers. From April, they will go together as a church for forty days till Pentecost. They set standards that all the members are encouraged to come to church everyday during this time to study the Word and pray together.   

New Zealand shared their goals of setting up strong leaders and filling up the church. For their action plans, they will focus on daily evangelism, reaching out to teens, single mothers, and university students.

Australia shared their mission goals for committed members and registered members. They made goals to baptize seven people on Pentecost Sunday. For their action plans, they will do street and campus evangelism, do more regular updates for the public website and social media, and motivate younger members to form groups and fellowships.

Hong Kong also shared their clear goals for the number of  committed members and registered members, and they specifically plan to set up YEF leaders for campus ministry. For their action plans, they will evangelize daily, and implement many outreach programs such as hiking, worship, mother's day event and etc.

Japan will also focus on evangelism with clear goals for each church. Each church aims to gather 24 newcomers and set up new leaders till Pentecost. The national mission head quarter is checking evangelism status every week through national online meetings. In May, Japan plans to hold leadership training for three days to set up new leaders.