"Land of Blessing" OCAP Discussed the Usage Plan with Residing Staffs



On March 17th, all the residing members in OCAP had time to discuss about how to use 43 buildings and the land sized 106 acre that is granted. 

The meeting started with watching the scenery of the vicinity of OCAP recorded by drone. And they shared about the things discussed and decided in the recent meeting of OAK ministers and fellowship representatives. The members who attended the meeting reconfirmed the land given to them as a blessing as they expressed their gratitude.

The director of OCAP presented the official name of OCAP and the process of changing the purpose of the main hall (Elimwood Hotel), and its legal process. Also, he shared about how to use houses and buildings that were contracted recently, asking the opinions of the residing members.

The director said, "Currently, there are 38 log houses in OCAP, and most of them will be used as OA headquarters of 19 countries and Fellowship headquarters in Asia region. With this, it will stand firmly as the headquarter of Asia Pacific region. Asia mission will begin through this place, and raise leaders here, and the great work of revival and the Holy Spirit will occur."

Lastly, they discussed about the housing of the residing ministers of OCAP, and prospective residents who will be coming from other countries and mission fields in Asia. And many diverse and constructive opinions were presented. All the agenda will be pushed forward after reporting to the general assembly and the world headquarter and its confirmation conclusively.

A member who attended the meeting shared, "We want to give thanks, praise and worship to God who granted this grand land to us. Just as Israelites divided and conquered the land of Canaan where milk and honey overflows, the time has come for us to divide the land and residence according to the ministry. It is incredible."