AP Leadership Conference Concluded, "Throw Your Net On The Right Side"

asia pacific leadership conference

In the grace of God, the first Asia Pacific(AP) leadership conference was concluded with a closing service.

After many discussions seeking for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the leaders meditated on the path to accomplish the Great Commission given to us, and determined to go advance with faith.

Rev. Simon Jang, President of the region, preached sermon with the main text [John 21: 3-6] and [Matthew 28: 18-20]. He started "Here's the answer to achieve 100,000 goals. The answer is, realizing Jesus accompanies us (John 21:4), and to obey the direction he commanded (John 21:6)"

"Our mission direction is clear, biblical, and powerful. That has been set out in the way the Bible teaches along with testimonies through our own life. We should studying our direction, paying attention and following this deeply, We should always check myself, reflecting on this" He said, "We know all our weaknesses and deficiencies, but let's believe in the Lord's plan, and met the time of the Lord, and bear the fruit of the Lord."

Next, he encouraged with the Great Commission of Matthew 28 and said, "Let us accept the authority of heaven and earth that Jesus entrusted, This is the authority to make disciples of all peoples, which have already been given to us."

"The gospel will be preached throughout the world in decades, but the secularization of believers is a challenge we face," he said. "To stop this corruption, we must raise all of us as disciples of Christ. In that sense, our mission strategy is very prominent. It is the fruit that the Lord wants. It may seem hard to achieve, but with perseverance, if you follow the direction, it is the fastest way."

Finally, he said, "Let's be confident on the strategies and direction we are going. One man has amazing authority to raise thousands and tens of thousands. Let us become Asia Pacific leaders who believe in the power of God's Word and change the world boldly."

As the closing service dedicated to God, the first AP Leadership Conference was Concluded. Through the conference, AP leaders prepared upcoming 2018 with specific strategies, and passion for rescue one more soul. Through the several conferences, they shared faith that they have, and become to know each other's detailed situations, prayed for each other with deep love. Leaders are went back to their own country with full hope, conviction, and determination toward the Great Revival that God allows.